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    • How to Get Your Kids to Read More This Summer

      1 June 2023

      Summertime is here! The sun is out. The skies are clear. But day by day, back to school gets  nearer. Let summer be a time to play, not just outside, but inside the pages of your kids’ favorite books. No matter what time of year, children should be exposed to stories of adventure, magic, tragedy, joy and exploration. Since they’re away from their desks, reading throughout the summer keeps your kids’ minds sharp and encourages them to use their imagination in new ways.

      Books open doors to curiosity about the world, new experiences and important conversations. Expand your kids’ minds and their understanding of the wonderful world around them. Use these fun tips to encourage your kids to read more this summer. 

      Make a Reading Nook 
      Make reading enjoyable for the body and the mind. Use blankets, pillows, cushions and anything else you may have laying around your house to create a cozy corner for your kiddos to snuggle up with their favorite books. 

      Set Aside Designated Reading Time 
      Find time every day to shut off the screens and take to the books. Set a block of time aside for everybody to read together. Prepare your yummiest snacks, gather your comfiest cushions and enjoy 30 minutes of worlds of imaginative adventure. 

      Create a Book Club
      Help your kiddos create their very own book club. Reach out to other families. Let the kids decide on a book. Set milestones to meet and discuss the book each week. Gather in one another’s houses or outside at a local park. Take turns with the other parents leading the group with helpful questions and fun discussions. Create snacks that coordinate with the book. Then, once you’ve finished your chat, let the kiddos enjoy time together. 

      Check Out Your Local Library 
      Many libraries host fun reading challenges for the kids in their area. Contact your local library to see what opportunities they provide for the youth. Set up library accounts for your kids and let them explore the shelves until they find something they love. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Maximize Your Thrift Store Trip

      1 June 2023

      Hit the racks and explore the benefits of thrifting! Save money, shop sustainably and find unique, affordable pieces. Thrifting is a fun activity that—if done effectively—can result in a whole new wardrobe at a fraction of the typical cost. Try out these five tips and tricks to maximize your trip to the thrift store. 

      Have Something in Mind
      Walking into a thrift store can easily be overwhelming. Weeding through colorful Hawaiian shirts, cow and pig salt and pepper shakers, and shining silver platform boots can seem almost impossible. Going in with a plan will help to alleviate this feeling and will ultimately result in a much more effective visit. Have a loose idea of what you’re looking for. Your goal could be as loose as a category or as specific as an exact piece. 

      Bring Headphones
      Shifting through the hangars can quickly become a tedious task. Bring along a pair of headphones, cue up your favorite playlist and enjoy your time searching. If you’re shopping with a friend, create a listening party so you can jam out together. 

      Look at EVERYTHING
      Yes, many pieces at thrift stores are going to be utterly outrageous (looking at you, sweater covered with knitting cats.) But among the rough, you are certain to find a diamond if you’re patient and persistent. Look at everything and—who knows—you might find something greater than you could’ve ever expected. 

      Check the Labels 
      Once you find a piece you like, be sure to check the label. Oftentimes, you can find high-quality, designer brand items wedged between store brand clothing. Check out the tag to guarantee you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

      Be Daring!
      Don’t be afraid to be bold! This is the time and place to do so. Items at thrift stores come at a relatively inexpensive price. Choose outrageous pieces that you’d typically shy away from without a big risk. If you don’t like it, simply return or donate it back. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Travel Tips for Aging Travelers

      1 June 2023

      After more than two years of pandemic-induced restriction, we have only to note the crowds at most airports to know that travel is back with a vengeance. But long lines, health concerns, and the physical and mental challenges that come with aging are stopping some seniors from picking up where they left off.

      • Build Up Your Strength – Start now to slowly build up your walking speed and distance. Try a water aerobics class, or some virtual or in-person yoga or Zumba classes to increase your physical endurance.  
      • Prepare for Travel Chaos – Consider traveling during the off-season. Arrive hours early for flights and be prepared for delays. Apply for a TSA PreCheck for flights leaving the U.S. and Global Entry for returning—and pack plenty of sanitizer so you can clean public surfaces and masks you can use at your discretion.
      • Deal With Mobility Issues – Do your homework and look for tours and cruises that offer different activity levels. Be sure to travel with a light luggage load as possible—and if you are a bit unsteady on your feet, take a walking stick, a lightweight walker with a seat, perhaps a fold-up, motorized travel scooter.
      • Take Extra Time – Consider sticking to a single destination, so you can travel at your own pace and rest between sight-seeing trips—or spend enough time at each destination to ward off exhaustion.  If traveling with a tour group, consider arriving early or staying later to relax and cope with jet lag. 
      • Mind Your Documents, Phone and Chargers – Have all your documents—passport, tickets, travel insurance, medical insurance and phone numbers—together. Give copies to someone at home or to your travel mate. Be sure your phone can be used overseas and that you’ve packed the right plugs and chargers.
      • Pack Some Patience – More flights are late these days, and even trains can be delayed. But few delays are insurmountable, and the right attitude can make any travel experience more rewarding. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Protect Your Skin: Best Ways To Avoid the Sun's Rays

      31 May 2023

      Summer is here and the sun has finally decided to crawl its way out from behind the clouds. While soaking up rays can feel good in the moment, it can lead to painful burns and serious long-term medical conditions. Enjoy the sun safely this summer with these easy ways to keep you safe from the sun’s rays. 

      Check Your Moisturizer
      You should be applying sunscreen to your face every single day. Why not make it easier on yourself and consolidate some of your morning routine? Check to be sure that your moisturizer contains SPF. Not only will you moisturize your skin, but you’ll also protect it from the sun’s rays. Want to consolidate even further? Try out a tinted moisturizer to even your skin and keep it safe. 

      Keep your skin safe from your head to your toes—and do it in style! Keep your scalp and face out of the sun with the hat of your choosing. Ball cap, trucker hat, bucket hat, whatever suits your fancy! 

      A once over with sunscreen is never enough! Be sure that you are reapplying throughout the day to ensure the efficacy of your SPF. Since sometimes it’s tricky to remember to incorporate a new task into your daily routine, link it to one that you’ve been doing your entire life. Apply SPF to make sure you’re keeping your skin healthy and happy. 

      Bring the Shade
      If you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time with little to no chance of shade, don’t be afraid to bring your own! Umbrellas, canopies and tents are all great options to give you shelter from the sun. 

      Fashion is Everything
      Use your clothing to save your skin from the sun’s rays. Especially when you’re on the go—whether that be hiking, biking or running—be sure to wear clothes that will keep your skin covered. UPF clothing is going to be the most efficient at protecting your skin. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • 4 Benefits of Yoga

      31 May 2023

      When we think of fitness, it’s typically associated with heavy weight training, lengthy runs and intensive gym sessions. But what if the benefits of your daily exercise could go beyond the body and into the mind? 

      Yoga is a fantastic alternative way of fitting in your daily exercise. Explore the many ways yoga can benefit your body, mind and soul. 

      Yoga is a unique form of exercise in that it requires a heightened awareness of self. The slow, intentional movements allow time for the mind to quiet and slow down. The incorporation of breath allows you to tune into bodily sensations and inner feelings that you may have been suppressing. 

      Yoga recruits a different group of muscles than most other forms of exercise. Many yoga poses incorporate use of the shoulder girdle, hamstrings and triceps. The use of isometric exercises (exercises that hold the body in one position) builds strength and increases range of motion. 

      Yoga requires a certain extent of flexibility. The use of dynamic movement through stretches and poses allows the muscles to safely achieve a higher sense of flexibility. In turn, this newly found flexibility will result in fewer injuries, better posture and increased strength. 

      Accessible Anywhere
      Unlike many other forms of exercise, for yoga all you need is a mat and yourself! Yoga doesn’t require an abundance of space or equipment, making it ideal to practice from the comfort of your home or on the go while you’re traveling. Explore online resources such as Down Dog and Pocket Yoga for easy access to virtual, on-demand classes. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.